John Lipscomb teaches papercrete to the green movement

I now live and teach alternative construction in Colorado. I began my interest in green alternatives with a tiny straw bale house back in 1990 in Montana between 1990 - 1999. Here in Colorado I am teaching papercrete techniques for people interested in affordable and quick and easy construction. I prefer to teach people that want the experience of building their own home and not just buying something that others have built for them. Contact me at for more information and keep an eye out for my new articles in area newspapers.

We have completed our 4th house in 2015 using the innovative papercrete method. We also have plans to help people in Mexico in early 2016 as we have been invited by the Rotary Club of New Mexico to assist them in their task of building structures for several orphan properties in need of expansion due to the ravages of the drug cartels.